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Samsung's next Galaxy will be wet, fit, and alive

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To the power of 5


Mere days away from its big Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress, Samsung has issued the first video teaser for the major product it'll announce in Barcelona: the next Galaxy. Anticipated to be the Korean company's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S5 still remains a mystery, but there are a few intriguing hints in the new video.

The words "fit," "wet," "outdoor," and "alive" are among a series of nouns and adjectives flashed on the screen, reiterating earlier talk of Samsung adding more fitness-centric features and potentially some weatherproofing as well. The video's also replete with slow-motion scenes and the terms "focus" and "selfie" also make an appearance, which would point toward Samsung potentially matching Apple's slow-mo video options and looking to expand on its camera software suite. All those hints are universally accompanied by the superscript 5 that we saw in Samsung's earlier teaser.