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Watch this: Jimmy Kimmel hoaxes Sochi Olympics with wolf in hotel

Watch this: Jimmy Kimmel hoaxes Sochi Olympics with wolf in hotel

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News networks went wild when US Olympic luger Kate Hansen posted a video of what appeared to be a wolf walking around her Sochi hotel Wednesday night, but it turns out that the video is actually yet another elaborate prank by none other than Jimmy Kimmel. On his show last night, Kimmel revealed that his team found a wolf, built a replica of Hansen's hotel hallway, and posted it to her YouTube and Twitter accounts with her permission. Naturally, Hansen's attachment to the video made it quite believable, and it's been viewed nearly 2 million times since being posted just two days ago.

"There was a little bit more backlash than I thought there would be."

Kimmel's replica hotel hallway was apparently convincing enough that even security at Sochi became concerned. In an interview with Kimmel, Hansen says that the video led to a bit more "backlash" than she had anticipated, but even so, she says, "You know, it was all worth it in the end."

This is Kimmel's second hoax to go viral recently, and it's certainly the more elaborate of the two pranks. In September, Kimmel revealed that he was also behind the disastrous twerking video that ended with a dancer's pants in flames. His show has done an impressive job in figuring out how to play off of the web's tendency to share videos that are too-good-to-be-true for laughs — and that's probably worth remembering the next time an unlikely video is being sent around.