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Sprint launches Wi-Fi calling, but only on two devices for now

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Sprint store (STOCK)
Sprint store (STOCK)

Since 2007, Wi-Fi calling has been a major feature that's helped T-Mobile stand out from its larger carrier rivals in the US. Starting today, however, Sprint will be offering the convenient perk to subscribers nationwide. Wi-Fi calling is completely free and allows Sprint customers to make voice calls and send texts over any Wi-Fi network. It's a huge help when your reception is less than stellar at home or in the office. But in terms of device selection, your options are severely limited — at least for now. At launch, only the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega support the feature. On T-Mobile, the selection is far greater, though that's to be expected since the carrier has offered Wi-Fi calling for years now.

If you own one of those two devices on Sprint, you'll need to download a software update before placing calls and sending SMS messages over Wi-Fi. From there, simply head to your apps folder and select "Wi-Fi calling" to free yourself from Sprint's cellular network when coverage is subpar. Sprint says we can expect to see more devices gain support for Wi-Fi calling throughout 2014.