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Google shuts down Bufferbox delivery service to work on Google Shopping Express

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Google is focusing its shopping efforts. After purchasing Canadian startup Bufferbox back in 2012, the company has decided to shut down the Amazon Locker-like service this April. Bufferbox let users ship items directly to publicly-accessible lockers — a convenient option for accepting deliveries if you can't be home to sign for a package. When Google first purchased the company, it planned to keep the service running unchanged and leave its employees in Waterloo. But Google's always had larger aspirations than delivery lockers, and now it looks like the company is fully integrating Bufferbox into its shopping team.

In a blog post, Bufferbox says that "we’ve made the difficult decision to begin winding down the standalone BufferBox service, instead bringing the learnings, technology and expertise of the team to future Google Shopping products, like Google Shopping Express." Google Shopping Express is the search giant's same-day delivery service that's currently offered in San Francisco, and it's a natural extension of what the Bufferbox team was working on. If you currently use Bufferbox, you should know that the company will stop accepting deliveries on March 31st, and all items must be picked up from lockers by April 21st.