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This is what a room looks like through the eyes of Google's Project Tango

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project tango
project tango

Project Tango is the latest of Google's ambitious pursuits: it's a smartphone capable of mapping the world around it. Google offered a sneak peek at its prototype Android device yesterday, and today we're getting yet another early look at all the data that comes from those cameras and sensors. TechCrunch got a firsthand demo from Matterport, one of the first companies to receive a Project Tango prototype from Google. (200 of them will be distributed to developers by mid-March.) Part of what you're seeing at work here is Matterport's own software, which TechCrunch says captures "both color camera data and a full mesh of 3D data at once." The prototype's four-megapixel camera can only pull in so much detail, but in terms of Google's goal of giving smartphones "a human-scale understanding of space and motion," Project Tango seems to be starting off strong.