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Update to Secret app lets you disavow everything you've ever posted

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Secret App (stock)
Secret App (stock)

The 'anonymish' sharing app Secret released an update today designed to let you cut all ties to your posts. A new "unlink" button will remove the association between you and your posts on the Secret servers, the company said today in a blog post. Unlinking makes it more difficult for your posts to be traced back to you, but it's important to note that once you unlink yourself you can no longer delete a secret.

Unlinking is among several updates to the app today that mostly focus on the user interface. You can now swipe right on a secret to "love' a post, and swipe left to subscribe to it. The latter feature is useful for tracking conversations about secrets that you either can't or don't want to leave a comment on. (Commenting on a secret subscribes you to updates automatically, but you can only comment on secrets from friends or friends of friends.)

Secret also now has two new features that protect your feed from trolls: you can tap a secret and flag it to report it as inappropriate, or remove any post from your feed if you don't want to see it. Less than a month old, Secret has been the talk of Silicon Valley. Giving users more control over their privacy and what's in their feed could help it break out of the Bay Area bubble.