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Airbnb hosts must install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors by end of 2014

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Hosts can request free detectors, first-aid kits, and safety information cards

airbnb stock
airbnb stock

As Airbnb's housing rental service continues to grow in popularity, the company wants to ensure that all guests have a safe stay. Today, Phil Cardenas — who is Airbnb's "Trust and Safety Manager" — published a blog post revealing that all hosts will need to confirm they've installed both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors by the end of 2014. But crucially, that doesn't mean you'll have to go out and buy the devices yourself. Instead, Airbnb says it will provide a smoke and CO detector free of charge to each and every US-based host with an active listing. They won't be mailed out automatically; you'll have to put in a request to take advantage of the free offer.

But what happens if you're somehow injured in a stranger's home or apartment? Airbnb wants hosts to be prepared for that, too. The company is giving away 10,000 free first-aid kits on a first-come, first-served basis. These kits are "85 piece or similar," Airbnb says, so it sounds like they may not all be identical, but each will contain dressings, scissors, and other items.

And last but not least, Airbnb also wants hosts to display an emergency safety card listing emergency numbers, fire exit routes, and other critical information. Like the smoke CO detector offer, the company will provide a free card to every host that requests one. As for international markets, Cardenas said Airbnb is expand these initiatives globally. "As times and technologies change, please know that we’ll constantly be looking for ways to innovate, improve, and ease the task of making your homes and neighborhoods more secure and welcoming places to live."