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Watch this: aerial drone chronicles Ukraine protests from high above the fray

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Draganflyer X6 helicopter drone
Draganflyer X6 helicopter drone

The clash between protestors and authorities in Ukraine that turned Kiev's Independence Square into a war zone this week has been documented in unflinching detail. The latest comes from an aerial drone dispatched by RT News that shows some of the worst of the clashes from high above. The brief clip shows a line of fire billowing up from the square amid burning buildings and fireworks that are being shot off. All the while, the camera heads in closer than much of the stationary footage shot from nearby rooftops.

An unusual view

Aerial drones have become increasingly useful for capturing footage that would be extremely difficult to obtain. A quadcopter was used in Kiev last December, when protest activity heightened. Just weeks prior, local news agencies in Bankok also used drones to capture footage of protestors organizing outside the capital's finance ministry.

In Ukraine's case, a peace deal between President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders was signed earlier today, something designed to end the conflict that's left dozens dead, and hundreds injured. That deal reduces Yanukovych's presidential authority and calls for early elections for a new leader. It was followed by a vote by Ukraine's parliament to free former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Despite that, RT reports that protestors continue to camp out.