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'Space Jam 2' could be happening, with LeBron James in tow (updated)

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Space Jam cover
Space Jam cover

Remember Space Jam? So does Warner Bros. According to Deadline, the studio is cooking up a sequel for the film that will star basketball player LeBron James. Details on the film are scant, short of that it's being developed by brothers Charlie and Willie Ebersol, who have separately worked on programs for the USA Network, as well as the summer Olympics in 2012. The film would be James' first outside of numerous advertisements and TV appearances.

That's not all folks

Space Jam was released in 1996, and starred basketball star Michael Jordan (and other celebrities) entering the world of Looney Toons in order to defeat an alien race in a game of interstellar basketball. The film didn't win any Academy Awards, though Deadline notes that it grossed a healthy $230 million worldwide, and led to a TV spinoff for kids. Warner Bros. has also managed to keep the original website alive and kicking, something unusual for most ephemeral film sites.

In a Q&A with fans in 2012, James said he loved the original film, adding "wish I could do Space Jam 2!" The response sparked a fan-made poster with James next to Bugs Bunny, something many thought was real.

Update: According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, sources close to James have denied Deadline's report, saying no such project is in the works.