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'Legend of Zelda' remake for the Oculus Rift lets you become Link

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The Legend of Zelda series may have gone 3D many years ago, but an enterprising Oculus Rift developer is taking things a step further by recreating the original, NES Legend of Zelda game in a virtual reality world. The combination of the original game's blocky, 8-bit style plus a first-person viewpoint is completely unique for the Zelda series, and iconic moments like entering the cave to retrieve your first sword look entirely different than they do in the original.

Right now, only the overworld and first dungeon are playable, but the developer says that the full game should be available and playable sometime in March. If you'd rather get a taste before the final version is available, you can download it here. If you don't yet have an Oculus Rift developer kit but want to see what a 3D, 8-bit Hyrule looks like, you can check out a seven-minute preview video below.