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Ford may drop Microsoft in favor of BlackBerry for in-car sync system

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Blue pillar with Ford logo in an oval
Ford (STOCK)

BlackBerry is about to get a major new contract, according to a report in Bloomberg. According to sources familiar with the matter, the car company is dissatisfied with Microsoft's voice-activated sync system, and plans to drop it in favor of the cheaper QNX system made by BlackBerry. It would be a major contract for the struggling company, with 7 million cars on the road currently using the system.

The move also signals a new relationship between Ford and Microsoft. During Microsoft's CEO hunt, Ford CEO Alan Mullally was considered a strong contender to lead Microsoft, but was ultimately passed over in favor of company veteran Satya Nadella earlier this month, leading many to anticipate tension between the two companies. Customer had also reported widespread glitches in Ford's on-board computers, with customers reporting malfunctioning touchscreens and substandard voice recognition.