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Nokia Lumia 630 appears in leaked image, first Windows Phone with on-screen buttons

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Microsoft detailed some of the hardware aspects of Windows Phone 8.1 earlier today, and now a leaked image is providing an early look at one of the first handsets that will run the new operating system update. Evleaks has posted a photo of Nokia's Lumia 630, codenamed Moneypenny, and it clearly shows a Windows Phone device with on-screen buttons. The softkeys, as Microsoft calls them, are primarily designed for low-end Windows Phone 8.1 handsets, and it's clear from their presence and the Lumia 630 numbering that this particular device won't be the next flagship handset for Nokia.

It's unclear what specifications Nokia is planning for its Lumia 630, but some rumors have suggested it will include a 4-inch screen and 1GB of RAM. Nokia is also expected to be preparing a dual-SIM version of the handset, rumored to be named the Lumia 635. Given Microsoft's clear moves towards more low-end Windows Phones, it's likely that we'll see a lot more devices running the company's future update with on-screen buttons for navigation and dual-SIM support. Microsoft is expected to finalize Windows Phone 8.1 next month, with an early release to developers at the company's Build conference in April.

Update (March 6th): Evleaks has posted another image of the Lumia 630, showing off the rear of the device and various color options.