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Mini Museum catalogs martian meteors, dinosaur eggs, and 31 other specimens

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For $239, you could have 33 of the most interesting items in the world, in a case less than half a foot tall. A new Kickstarter project called the Mini Museum offers pebble-sized chunks of a startling array of objects, including triceratops bone, a piece of martian rock leftover from a meteor strike, and foil from the Apollo 11 command module. Smaller versions of the museum also include soil from Dracula's castle (assumed to be Vlad III of Wallachia) and a shard from the Cheyablinsk meteorite. Each item is labeled, arranged and encased in a single resin block by the creator, a product designer named Hans Fex.

According to Fex, the project was inspired by his father, a medical researcher who collected artifacts and specimens in his office laboratory, many of which have now found their way into the Mini Museum project. There's no official verification that the items are genuine, but Fex is officially registered as a meteorite collector, adding some credence to his story. The small size of each specimen also means a single artifact can be broken up hundreds of times. Other items in the collection, like mammoth hair or a sample from a human brain, are difficult to obtain but not otherwise rare.