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We'll be live at Sony and Nokia's MWC 2014 events from 2:30AM ET today

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Mobile World Congress 2014 stock
Mobile World Congress 2014 stock

We're live from Mobile World Congress in beautiful Barcelona this week. The show officially kicks off tomorrow, but our coverage has already begun with new products and news from LG, Firefox, and HP, among others. There's plenty more on the way — including Samsung's next flagship Galaxy smartphone — so you'll want to read our preview to set your expectations for the show.

Sony and Nokia are first for liveblog coverage, but some of you will need to stay up late to follow the action on stage as it happens. If you're up for the task, you'll find the schedule below. It's a big week for the smartphone industry, so keep it locked to be sure you don't miss anything.

Monday, February 24th

  • Sony 11:30PM PT (Sunday) / 2:30AM ET / 8:30AM CET
  • Nokia 11:30PM PT (Sunday) / 2:30AM ET / 8:30AM CET