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Watch the new trailer for Mike Judge's HBO show 'Silicon Valley'

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Silicon Valley - screencap (HBO)
Silicon Valley - screencap (HBO)

Mike Judge has been entertaining audiences for years with his own brand of insightful comedy, and now we're getting a longer look at how he plans to skewer the tech world. The latest trailer for his upcoming HBO series Silicon Valley builds upon the basic premise sketched out in the first teaser: it's a show about a group of socially awkward software engineers looking to hit it big, while a pair of dueling billionaires try to stake their claim and help the would-be upstarts. The likes of Thomas Middleditch (The Office) and Portlandia's Kumail Nanjiani make up the cast, while fans of Freaks and Geeks will no doubt recognize a bearded Martin Starr. Given Judge's track record with King of the Hill, Office Space, and Idiocracy, there are sure to be plenty of laughs when the show premieres on April 6th — and no shortage of cultural critique.