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Nokia X will get SwiftKey predictive keyboard for free

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Nokia X Red 1020
Nokia X Red 1020

SwiftKey announced today that its predictive keyboard app will be available on the Nokia X smartphone, unveiled earlier Monday at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. As CNET reports, the keyboard will be listed for free on the Nokia X throughout 2014, and will also be available for future Android devices connected to the Nokia Store. The Nokia X version will support the SwiftKey Cloud service and include three different themes.

"The deal will enable SwiftKey to faster penetrate emerging markets while offering Nokia X users best-in-class input technology and extensive language coverage," the company said in an email statement to The Verge. "We are proud to be a part of this next stage in Nokia’s journey and we are excited to bring SwiftKey's personalized, adaptive technology to as many users as possible."

Today's announcement comes weeks after SwiftKey launched an iOS version of its keyboard, as the company looks to expand to different platforms. "We will run on any piece of hardware, within reason," Joe Braidwood, SwiftKey's chief marketing officer, told The Verge prior to last month's iOS launch. "There's nothing stopping our tech from being embedded in your smart lounge, car, watch, or whatever it is."