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Spotify is overhauling its Windows Phone app this spring

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Spotify Windows Phone
Spotify Windows Phone

Spotify has had a Windows Phone app for a while now, but the company is planning to bring all of its latest features to Microsoft’s mobile platform in the coming weeks. While the existing app matches Microsoft’s “Metro” design language, the updated app aligns it more with the Android version. It’s a fresh design alongside features like radio, browse, and discover, all of which have been missing on Windows Phone’s version of Spotify so far.

This appears to be a total rewrite of the existing app, and that’s probably a good thing for Window Phone users. Not only has the existing app been lacking key features, but its design and performance hasn’t been ideal. Spotify is only teasing parts of its updated user interface and features today for Windows Phone, but it’s clear this will largely match the Android version. The spring release promise is curious, especially given Microsoft is planning to release its Windows Phone 8.1 update during this time. It's likely that Spotify is taking advantage of some improvements with Windows Phone 8.1 to provide a greatly improved app. The new update will only be available for Spotify premium subscribers initially in spring, but the company is also working to bring its Spotify Free mobile service to Windows Phone at some point in the future.