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We'll be live at Samsung's MWC 2014 event today at 2PM ET — and join us after for The Verge Live

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Samsung (STOCK)
Samsung (STOCK)

All eyes will be on Samsung's "Unpacked 5" event at this year's MWC 2014 for reasons we already know: the company will almost certainly be announcing its Galaxy S5. It's rumored that the smartphone could be waterproof and have built-in fitness tracking features, but nothing certain has been leaked thus far. It's also likely the company will talk about its Gear 2 smartwatch models, launched just months after the first version. Follow along as we see what else Samsung has in store at MWC 2014 today at 2PM ET — and join us after for our live broadcast where we'll be talking Samsung, Nokia, and more!

Click here to join the live blog at 2PM ET / 11AM PT