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Xbox One gets its first price cut in the UK

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Xbox One lead 2040px
Xbox One lead 2040px

Microsoft is dropping the Xbox One's price in the UK to £399.99, down £30 from what it launched at just a few months ago. The new retail pricing will go into effect this Friday, and so far has only been announced for the UK. Microsoft is also opening preorders today for an Xbox bundle that includes a digital download of Titanfall at the same price in the UK or for $499.99, the Xbox One's current selling price, in the US. It's appeared that the Xbox One has been selling far slower than the PS4, and Microsoft seems to be hoping that it can counter that with a bundle of one of the most anticipated upcoming exclusives.

Though the Xbox One is becoming somewhat less expensive with this price cut, it still has a ways to go before matching the price of the PlayStation 4. The PS4 sells for £349.99 in the UK — £50 less expensive than the Xbox One. While the Xbox comes bundled with a Kinect and the PS4's motion-control camera is sold separately, the price discrepancy has still been seen as a major hurdle for Microsoft as both it and Sony race to get their new consoles into gamers' homes. This is only the first price drop we'll see of many for the Xbox One — the question is how much longer Microsoft will wait for the next.