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AT&T expands LTE roaming to 13 additional countries

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AT&T (stock)
AT&T (stock)

AT&T customers now have more LTE options abroad: at MWC 2014, the company announced it added 4G LTE data roaming in 13 more countries, including Spain, France, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. This comes just a few months after AT&T became the first US carrier to provide international LTE roaming when they expanded to Canada and the UK. The company also has agreements to allow for LTE roaming in 200 more countries in the future. This comes on the heels of the September 2013 announcement that AT&T partnered with Fon to allow its customers to access Fon's Wi-Fi network overseas; AT&T is making a point to build on its historical advantage over Verizon when it comes to roaming abroad by adding partnerships to boost its network access.

AT&T also released a new app called the AT&T International Travel App that shows customers information about their data plan, tracks usage, and sends alerts when customers reach their limit or don't have a roaming plan. Since it's easier to download more data more quickly with LTE, it might be worth the download — especially since most built-in data tracking tools on phones don't do a great job distinguishing between roaming and non-roaming data