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LG uses a magazine spine to advertise its super-thin OLED TV

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LG OLED TV magazine spine ad
LG OLED TV magazine spine ad

LG is using an unusual magazine ad to promote its 4mm-thin OLED TV that the company touted at CES 2012 — it placed a tagline on the spine of the Nordic electronics magazine Sound & Vision comparing the TV's thin profile to the magazine itself. It's a clever idea, but it feels forced: Sound & Vision readers are certainly the target customer for LG's OLED TV, but most people skip over even full page ads in magazines.

But unlike most ads, perhaps this one wasn't meant to attract the eyes of every Sound & Vision reader. OLED technology isn't mainstream yet and the ad could be hoping to play on OLED's discoverability — a reader discovers the ad, then they might be inclined to discover OLED. While it might not be the most creative ad, it mimics LG's technology in both size and elusiveness.