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Over 322,000 PS4 consoles sold on Japanese opening weekend

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ps4 japan
ps4 japan

The PlayStation 4 appears to be off to a good start in Japan. According to figures from Japanese magazine Famitsu, 322,083 PS4 consoles were bought in the first two days on sale — that's nearly four times as many as the 88,443 PS3 systems sold on its opening weekend back in 2006.

Nearly four times as many as PS3

However, the circumstances were a little different. While the PS3 was extremely supply-constrained for its first few months, and its successor remains hard to find around the world, Sony appears to have secured a lot of PS4 stock for the Japanese launch.

It's also worth noting that the Wii U sold 308,570 units in Japan in its first week on sale before Nintendo's numbers nosedived. Still, if Sony can maintain a healthy pace of sales in its home territory as it has elsewhere, the Japanese giant has reason to feel encouraged.