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Netflix pokes fun at Amazon with explosive new drone-delivery video

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Drone 2 Home
Drone 2 Home

By now, it's easy to regard Amazon's Prime Air delivery service as less than realistic in the near term. It doesn't look quite like science fiction, but unless Amazon addresses the incumbent hardware limits and regulatory hurdles, consumers in the states likely won't see drones delivering packages anytime soon. Netflix decided to have a little fun with the idea with its own promo for "Drone 2 Home," a service that promises delivery DVDs to your home in the minutes you would otherwise spend streaming your content. Hank Breeggemann, general manager for Netflix's DVD division, is shown to enlist a fleet of DJI Phantoms to fly into office bathrooms and cars delivering their goods, places you would obviously want to watch movies. It's a fun little spot that makes us a little glad this delivery concept isn't quite there yet.