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'Pokemon' gets a virtual reality makeover for Oculus Rift

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With Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo finally brought the long-running series into the world of 3D — but not like this. Much like the recent Legend of Zelda remake, Pokemon 3D takes a Nintendo classic and reimagines it for the Oculus Rift. The result is a game that looks sort of like a mashup of Minecraft and a Gameboy game, complete with big chunky pixels. It's based on Pokemon Gold and Silver, which were first released more than a decade ago, and the developers say that they "focused on the strong points" of those games when crafting the new version.

The unofficial first-person remake has been in development for several years, but only recently added Rift support, which you can see on display in the video below. The team also has plans to update the virtual world with each and every pokemon from all generations and regions in the series. The game is currently available as a free download (the team is also soliciting donations to help fund further development), and is likely much less frustrating than trying to play Pokemon with 78,000 other people.