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AT&T adding unlimited international messaging to Mobile Share plans on February 28th

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AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

Starting February 28th, AT&T's Mobile Share and Mobile Share Value plans will include unlimited messaging to most countries across the globe. Customers will be able to send texts to 190 countries without worrying about extra charges; photo and video messages are also included, though there you're limited (albeit very slightly) to 120 countries. Both consumer and business accounts are eligible, and AT&T says existing customers will automatically gain unlimited international messaging on Friday. It's a nice perk, though it may be arriving a bit late; now more than ever, many people are turning to messaging apps and eliminating carriers from the picture altogether.

Unlimited international texts for those customers not already using WhatsApp

Cheaper international calling is also on the carrier's agenda. A new World Connect Value option ($5 monthly) lets customers place international calls from the US to "over 35 countries" including Canada and Mexico for a penny per minute. World Connect Value is available to all AT&T postpaid wireless customers, not just those on shared data plans. These cheaper rates are likely — at least in part — influenced by T-Mobile's aggressive wireless pricing. To halt the Uncarrier's momentum, AT&T has already lowered its off-contract pricing and made those plans a better deal for eligible customers.

CEO Ralph de la Vega now insists his company's international calling rates are superior to what's available at T-Mobile. "The offer we have is better than T-Mobile’s, because on ours it isn’t just landlines, it includes mobile as well," he told Bloomberg at Mobile World Congress yesterday. But that claim is slightly misleading: T-Mobile offers unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling in over 30 countries for an extra $5 on top of its regular $10 international add-on, which covers only mobile-to-landline calls.