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Cult role playing game 'Persona 5' coming to North America in 2015

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Don't get rid of that PS3 just yet

Persona 5 teaser
Persona 5 teaser

Persona 5 is coming to North America. The fifth entry in the cult hit Japanese role playing series was first revealed back in November, but at the time only a Japanese release was announced. Today developer Atlus confirmed that the game is coming to the US and Canada, but there will be quite the wait — the game isn't slated to launch until 2015, and it's coming to the PlayStation 3, not next-gen consoles. Outside of a short teaser — which features short quips like "You are a slave. Want emancipation?", but no actual gameplay — not much is known about the game.

The series usually features groups of high school students battling demons and other mystical forces, while also dealing with typical teenage problems. The last entry in the series, Persona 4 Golden, launched on the PS Vita in 2012, while the series' breakout hit in North America was 2007's Persona 3 on the PS2. Outside of the flagship title, Atlus also announced a trio of spin-offs that will be coming to North America as well, including the Nintendo 3DS RPG Persona Q and fighting game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, both of which are due to launch later this year. Vita rhythm game Persona 4: Dancing All Night, meanwhile, is due in 2015.