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Motorola plans to launch a smartwatch later this year

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Motorola MotoACTV
Motorola MotoACTV

Motorola is planning to jump back into the wearables market later this year, according to senior vice president Rick Osterloh. The company will launch a smartwatch that Osterloh claims will address "consumer issues like style and battery life." The news was revealed at a panel discussion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Motorola's prior efforts with wearables, the ill-fated MotoACTV activity tracker, weren't known for being stylish or having great battery life, so it seems that the company has redirected its efforts in the area. Osterloh did not provide any further details about the products, such as exact release dates or price, but he did note that it was an important area for the company.

Smartwatches and wearables are one of the hottest segments in mobile technology today, with much of the focus being dominated by the Pebble and Samsung's line of Gear smartwatches. A Google smartwatch built by LG is expected to be announced next month with availability later this year, though the rumors of an Apple smartwatch have to come to fruition.

Motorola's revamped line of smartphones, the Moto X and Moto G, have received critical acclaim since their launches last year, though the company hasn't been able to turn that into sales success. If Motorola is able to release a smartwatch on the level of the Moto X in terms of usability and ergonomics, it could very well have a hit there.