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George W. Bush plans on putting artwork revealed by hacker on display

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george w bush self-portrait (smoking gun)
george w bush self-portrait (smoking gun)

George W. Bush's private experiments with art became embarrassingly public last year when hacker Guccifer broke into the Bush family's personal data and managed to unearth some of the former president's awkward bathroom self portraits. Now, with Guccifer apparently behind bars, Bush is looking to put a positive face on his hobby by unveiling it in an art exhibition.

The show will be called The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy, and will showcase more than two dozen portraits painted by the president, along with artifacts and photos from his presidency. The exhibition will open in April, and, according to the George W. Bush Institute, "will explore the relationships that President George W. Bush forged with world leaders to shape international policy and advance American interests abroad." Presumably, that means less nudity.