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    Unofficial 'Inception' board game is just as mind-bending as the movie

    Unofficial 'Inception' board game is just as mind-bending as the movie

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    Christopher Nolan's mind-bending 2010 film Inception was a box office hit, entertaining audiences with a fantastical world of subconscious alternate realities. Could that work out as a board game? Board games company Pilot Study has taken a crack at it with Inceptor, a game that takes some of the core concepts of Inception's world, and filters them into a mission-oriented multiplayer game. Players take turns rolling the dice and drawing mission card to navigate on a board that takes them through various "dream levels."  The ultimate goal is to plant your idea and get out before time runs out, all the while avoiding the attacks from the cards and your fellow players.

    Don't get caught sleeping

    The Kickstarter project, which is currently at $9,282 of its $30,000 funding goal, is apparently in the clear with Warner Bros., Inceptor's creators say. "Although the game is not licensed by Warner Brothers, their response to us indicated that they had no objections to us creating the game," Inceptor's Bruno Gervasi and Reid Cuddy wrote on the project's page. It's the pair's second work on Kickstarter; they successfully funded a mystery thriller last year.

    As with many other projects on the crowd-funding site, spending more will get you extra goodies. For $99, the pair are making a special "chemist" version of the game that fits into an aluminum briefcase. It's a not-so-subtle nod to the film's machine that allows the characters to slip into their dreams. Warner Bros. did the same thing for a collector's edition of the film. The standard version of the game will go for somewhere between $49 and $59 — that's if the project gets out of limbo.