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The FCC brings back its broadband speed testing tool for iOS

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FCC data app (stock)
FCC data app (stock)

After a hiatus, the Federal Communication Commission is once again polling iOS users to get an idea of their connection speeds, part of a larger test of America's broadband infrastructure. A new app called FCC Speed Test, which was released earlier today, measures broadband performance. That includes download and upload speeds, latency, and packet loss — all things that can be sent back to the FCC as part of its nationwide study. A nearly identical app was released for Androidusers last November, alongside a plan to rekindle a study on mobile broadband performance across different providers.

Compare performance across carriers

The FCC originally polled consumer mobile broadband speeds back in 2010 using apps for both Android and iOS. Those apps eventually disappeared, as did a public-facing collection of the data. As with that old program, the new testing tools are designed to show consumers the real-world results from mobile carriers. That's still the main purpose of this new app, though the FCC says it plans to augment its earlier iteration of the program with interactive maps that show the crowdsourced data its collecting.