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Mt. Gox under investigation while its CEO sidesteps theft claims

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The woeful situation for Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, which went offline earlier today, is seemingly no close to getting better. A pair of reports suggest that the company is now being investigated by prosecutors in the US as well as Japan, while another suggests that it could have indeed lost over 744,000 Bitcoins in a theft several years ago. Citing an unnamed source, The Wall Street Journal says federal prosecutors subpoenaed Mt. Gox sometime this month, asking it to preserve documents.

One of those could include details of the company's "crisis strategy," an unverified document that leaked out earlier this week cataloging the supposed theft. In an IRC chat log obtained by Fox Business, Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles now says that document is "more or less" legitimate, though he steered clear from saying it was actually produced by the company. Additionally, the company caught the attention of authorities in Japan, who now plan on looking into the closure, reports Reuters.