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Watch the world's tiniest pop-up shop zoom around Tokyo

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duncan shotton pop-up shop
duncan shotton pop-up shop

Retail space is hard to find in Tokyo's famous shopping district of Harajuku, so designer Duncan Shotton is exploring alternative approaches. After occupying a tree last year, he's now driving a tiny, remote control pop-up shop to show off his "Real Boy" push tacks. The pins are little hand-painted figurines with sharp steel Pinocchio-style noses to drive your documents into cork.


Although the micro-shop is ostensibly selling the last 100 of Real Boy's initial 1000-unit run, retail performance isn't really the goal. "We concentrated mainly on documenting the project rather than trying to make any sales," Shotton tells The Verge. The store ran into trouble on its first day, too, including being run over by a flat-bed trolley. But Shotton pledges to return to the streets of Harajuku soon, "probably with an entirely different concept shop."