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Was this Google's smartwatch?

Was this Google's smartwatch?

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LG appears to be building Google’s long-awaited smartwatch, but Motorola might have had one in the works originally. Android Police has uncovered photos of what appears to be a Motorola-branded smartwatch, and it’s claimed that the device would have debuted with the "Google Watch" moniker as part of the Nexus family of hardware. The photos show what, if genuine, is clearly a prototype device with a square display, back button, and Motorola logo at the front. It looks like your average smartwatch with a rubberized strap, side button, and the ability to charge via USB.

Android Police suggests this particular concept might have been canceled in favor of an LG device. Motorola’s rumored version also includes a rocker button at the top with fitness and microphone icons. It’s not clear if this particular prototype was built with health-oriented software or voice-activated Google Now support, but the button placement suggests those features may have been present. Motorola is now planning to return to the wearables market later this year. The company revealed earlier this week that it will launch a smartwatch that will address "consumer issues like style and battery life." Meanwhile, LG’s Google smartwatch is expected to arrive at the I/O developer conference in June, complete with a strong focus on Google Now and glanceable information.