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Steven Soderbergh mashes two versions of 'Psycho' into one movie

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Director Steven Soderbergh seems to be a master at quickly throwing together a sharp cut of an otherwise unwieldy movie. Aside from editing his own films, Soderbergh's name has popped up in anecdotes as other directors recall him offering to cut their movies' lengthy early runtimes down overnight to help them gain a new perspective in the editing room. Now, Soderbergh has put his editing prowess into something a bit different: mashing up two nearly identical movies.

On his website, Extension 765, Soderbergh has combined Alfred Hitchcock's and Gus Van Sant's versions of Psycho into a single film, which he's titled Psychos. Van Sant's 1998 remake has largely been converted into black-and-white, and since it covers Hitchcock's film nearly shot-for-shot, Soderbergh is able to quite seamlessly cut between the two films to create one that's just a bit different from moment to moment. Embedding the film has been disabled, but you can watch the entire cut of Psychos over at Soderbergh's site.