Asher Levine wants me to wear a jumpsuit. At Tech In Motion's Wearable Tech Fashion Show, the young American designer is wearing a onesie the color of caution tape with zippers running down the front. He tells me it's not one of the pieces being shown tonight among all the wearable fashion technology — he just made it for himself. "I think everyone should wear jumpsuits," he says as we walk out of the crowd.

And then his jumpsuit starts beeping. Levine has outfitted it with a TrackR sensor, like he's done with many of his recently designed handbags and jackets. It's telling him that he's walked too far away from his cell phone — and now his bag is going off, telling him the same thing. It's one of his Grenade bags that will be featured in tonight's show, made of rubbery material molded to resemble the wrinkled exterior of a grenade while also looking like the skin of an extinct reptile.