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Square tests Pickup app for ordering ahead from local restaurants

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square pickup site
square pickup site

Square wants you to know that that it's more than just a register. The company has begun beta testing Square Pickup, a new service that lets you order food and other items from local Square merchants. Pickup only works at a handful of San Francisco restaurants, Priceonomics reports, but could roll out more broadly if the test is successful. You'll need a special code to download the Pickup app, which is separate from the company's Wallet and Cash apps. It's not yet clear if the company will bundle the service into Wallet if and when it launches to the public.

Square already tested a version of pickup at Bay Area Uniqlo stores earlier this month. Customers could visit Uniqlo's Square Market website, order a few items, and then pick them up one hour later at a local store. While a great variety of services like Seamless and OrderAhead already offer pickup services, Square's attempt is notable because of how quickly its tens of thousands of retailers could adopt it. These retailers have already inputted their menus into Square's systems, after all, so adding pickup — and perhaps someday, delivery services — should likely take just a few additional clicks.