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See the iconic Warner Bros. logo morph over a century of movies

Source Christian Annyas

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Warner Brothers logo 1953
Warner Brothers logo 1953

Five years ago, designer Christian Annyas set out on a unique mission. He wanted to track the evolution of the Warner Bros. Pictures logo, starting with the some of the company's earliest films all the way through present day. It wasn't easy. "I started in 2009 and have watched the first part (and trailers) of at least 1,000 Warner Bros. movies since," he told The Verge. The result is a brilliant look at a piece of branding that — like Universal's spinning globe and the mountains below Paramount's logo — became deeply ingrained in the minds of American moviegoers.

"During 90 years the Warner Bros. shield has undergone a series of refinements," reads the project's introduction. Many of those alterations came when the company fell under new ownership, which has happened numerous times during its storied history. But as you'll see below, Warner Bros. ultimately wound up not far from where it began. Hundreds of other examples can be seen at Annyas' website. As for why he did it, Annyas told The Verge, "There wasn't a good overview of Warner Bros. logos yet." He added, "I hate when the internet is incomplete."

Special thanks to Christian Annyas for providing these high-res images.

History of the Warner Bros. Pictures logo


This logo was seen at the end of some of the earliest Warner Bros. films, including 1927's The Jazz Singer.