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Jerry Seinfeld is finally stylish: meet the 'normcore' trend

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normcore via nymag
normcore via nymag

Polar fleece is back. New Balance is new again. "Anti-fashion" is the new high fashion, says Garmento editor Jeremy Lewis. And Jerry Seinfeld is its poster boy.

"Sometime last summer I realized that, from behind, I could no longer tell if my fellow SoHo pedestrians were art kids or middle-aged, middle-American tourists," writes Fiona Duncan at New York Magazine. "Clad in stonewash jeans, fleece, and comfortable sneakers, both types looked like they might've just stepped off an R-train after shopping in Times Square." She discovered that the trend is called "normcore" — a term invented by "trend forecasting collective" K-Hole.

Duncan's deep dive into the trend is well worth a read, and near-perfectly illustrates the cyclical nature of fashion. So don't toss out those skinny jeans just yet. They'll be back in twenty years.