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Ubuntu on X1 Carbon


This forum is kind of dead so I thought I'd post something about my experience running Ubuntu 13.10 on the brand new ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

Installation was a snap. I already have another ThinkPad running Windows 8.1, so I opted to wipe the drive and go Linux-only. Although I am a Windows 8 fanboy and completely wedded to Microsoft services, I am growing quite fond of Ubuntu Linux after only a few days. Everything works. Sound. Wi-fi. Camera. The WQHD display is supported and looks glorious, although it doesn't scale quite properly out of the box and I had to do some tweaking with text sizes and whatnot to make it useful. I have a T540p, and the display on that machine is much brighter. I have the brightness cranked up, so I'm not sure if this is a Linux issue, or just something about a different Lenovo high DPI display. I understand the 14.04 will support high DPI displays better, so I'm looking forward to updating to that in a month or so.

I enjoyed using the command line to install Skype. Using the Terminal made me feel like a real Linux geek! I tried Linux years ago (SuSE) and it was an exercise in frustration. Missing dependencies. No drivers. I quickly gave up. This time, it is clear that Ubuntu is a very refined and user friendly distro. There really wasn't much to do after the initial setup, other than dive in and start using it. At the risk of sounding trite, its as pretty as OS X without any of the Apple lock-in bullshit to put up with.

I've become very used to Windows 8, and using Linux requires a different workflow. But I am enjoying it. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is amazing hardware to run it on. Fast and gorgeous. I am looking forward to learning more advanced ways to use Ubuntu Linux.