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Building 'Naval Destroyer,' a fictional video game for a real TV show

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Naval Destroyer (HBO)
Naval Destroyer (HBO)

A recent episode of the HBO series Looking briefly featured a video game called Naval Destroyer that you've probably never heard of — and that's because it isn't real. But despite the fact that it's a fictional game that appeared on screen for about a second, a surprising amount of work went in to its creation. As Tested reports, that one second of screen time was pulled from six minutes of usable footage, created by animator Craig Vance over the course of a few weeks. It had a backstory and gameplay ideas, with a style inspired by everything from Grand Theft Auto to classic American sailor imagery. "The goal was to pull a lot of humor from the machismo quality of a lot of these games," production designer Todd Fjelsted explains. Get the full story on how the game was created over at Tested.