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Pebble app store launches on iOS, Android version due 'very soon'

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Pebble App Store
Pebble App Store

The Pebble app store is here. Pebble has released a major update for its iOS app that includes the store, which offers 1,000 apps and watch faces at launch. But convenience is more important than any one number; by introducing the app store, Pebble is giving its customers a central destination to find and try out new software. The store is split into separate sections for apps and watch faces, with apps divided into six categories including tools and utilities, fitness, and games. "This makes it easier than ever to find your next favorite app ­­— whether you’re tracking your workout, managing your music, or controlling your thermostat," the company says in a new blog post. "But the Pebble app store is more than just a centralized location for apps and watch faces. We’re curating the app store to bring you the best apps and watch faces every day."

Pebble is also highlighting the store's "Locker" section. Since you can only store eight third-party apps on the watch at any one time, the locker keeps track of all the software you've downloaded to make loading things back onto your Pebble a quicker process. Pebble's latest iOS update is available now in Apple's App Store, and the company says an updated Android app is due to arrive "very, very soon."