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Google Now notifications added to Chrome beta for Mac and Windows

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Google Now Chrome Canary
Google Now Chrome Canary

It's been over a year since hints of Google Now being integrated into the Chrome browser started showing up, but things just took a big step forward today. Google has announced that Google Now notifications are now integrated into the Chrome beta browser on Mac, Windows, and of course in Chrome OS. Assuming you're signed into Chrome with the same account that you use for Google Now on your mobile phone, you'll start getting Google Now in the recently added Chrome notification center — the small "bell" icon that lives in the OS X menu bar or Windows system tray.

Google has moved pretty quickly to get Google Now into the Chrome beta browser — it was only added to the official alpha a few weeks ago. The beta browser is generally a lot more stable, so now might be the time for those who want to experience Google Now on the desktop to give it a shot. That said, Google Now will be rolling out over the coming week — and it doesn't appear to be live on our end yet. There's also no word on when this will make it into the official Chrome build, either — so if you're gun-shy about running beta software, you'll have to be patient.