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Google's Chromecast will soon work with more apps

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Chromecast dongle 1020
Chromecast dongle 1020

Google's Chromecast is now an open platform. The company has launched an official Google Cast SDK for any app-makers interested in supporting the $35 HDMI dongle. "That means even more of our favorite movies, TV shows, and music will become available on Chromecast as developers work with the SDK," the company said in a blog post. Since launching Chromecast last year, Google has gradually brought on new partners like HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Plex, and others. But now the doors have opened up to everyone, meaning the potential of Google's video-streaming stick could skyrocket in the months and weeks to come. Chromecast owners won't need to do anything to enjoy the expanded support; the device has already been updated to take advantage of the Google Cast SDK.