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Dell's latest laptop combines OS X and Windows 8, creates ultimate marketing mistake

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Dell XPS 15 marketing error
Dell XPS 15 marketing error

Some PC manufacturers choose to imitate Apple’s MacBook line with various products, but Dell has taken a slightly different approach. In a recent marketing video, the company has raised the bar above MacBook imitation and transformed its very own Dell XPS 15 into a laptop that combines OS X and Windows 8. The entire marketing video, released in December, shows a laptop that seamlessly switches between the Windows 8 Start Screen and apps running in OS X, all thanks to a flick of the wrist or a tap on the screen.

While it might look like Dell has created the ultimate hackintosh, it’s all a giant mistake. Dell’s XPS 15 is a Windows 8 laptop that’s not designed to run Apple’s OS X operating system, and it’s clear the marketing team got a little too creative during the production of this particular video. We’ve seen plenty of similar blunders before, but never a minute-long product demo of a Windows laptop that also "runs" OS X.

Update: the video was hosted on Dell’s YouTube channel for more than a month, but the company has now removed it.