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White House hosting first Maker Faire later this year

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white house (shutterstock)
white house (shutterstock)

The White House will hold its first-ever Maker Faire later this year to both celebrate and promote American innovation. Like the Maker Faires that have been held worldwide, the White House suggests its event will showcase the creations of polished entrepreneurs, tinkerers working out of their garage, and everyone in between so long as they're contributing to the "maker movement." A date hasn't yet been announced for the event, but the White House is already beginning to accept submissions from anyone who wants to be involved.

CNET reports that Dale Dougherty, one of the original Maker Faire founders, and some of his colleagues will be involved in planning the White House's event. Maker Faire's began in 2006, when Make held a first event in California. Since then, they've expanded across the US and globe. It now holds two annual flagship events, one in the Bay Area and another in New York. The White House also holds an annual science fair, and it appears to be interested in complementing that with the Maker Faire to further its promotion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions and education.