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Good Deal: Nokia Lumia 520 and 12 months of Xbox Music for $99

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Lumia 520 good deal
Lumia 520 good deal

Nokia’s Lumia 520 is often referred to as the "Zune phone," and Microsoft appears to be affirming that moniker this week. Nokia’s low-cost handset is the subject of Microsoft’s latest Xbox Music deal, which involves the choice between a Lumia 520 on AT&T or Lumia 521 on T-Mobile coupled with 12 months of Xbox Music for just $99. Both handsets come with no contract and include direct access to Microsoft’s Xbox Music service thanks to Windows Phone 8. Individually the bundle would cost nearly $200, as the Lumia 520 usually retails for $99 and a 12-month Xbox Music pass is priced at $99.90. Microsoft’s latest deal is available at the company’s retail stores or online until February 17th.