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Climate change map shows how much your city has heated up

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new scientist climate change map
new scientist climate change map

New Scientist is making the impact of climate change alarmingly clear with a global map that shows just how much the world around you is heating up. The map shows yellow, orange, and red blotches across an interactive map to signify the extent that each given area has warmed up over the decades.

A location search provides more detailed results

The map was first published a year ago, and was updated last week with information on 2013. Though you can't go year by year, New Scientist's map does let you search by location to get a better sense of how a specific city's or country's average temperature has changed over time.

The map's temperatures are all displayed relative to the average temperature between 1951 and 1980, what New Scientist says is "the earliest period for which there was sufficiently good coverage for comparison." Temperatures go back to the late 1800s in some areas though, meaning you can actually watch portions of the map cool by going back in time.