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Best New Apps: Storehouse

Best New Apps: Storehouse


If Medium had an iPad app, it might look a lot like this

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storehouse best new app
storehouse best new app

Here's the thing: most apps suck. And not only does that make bad apps hard to avoid, it makes the good ones hard to find when there are hundreds of thousands of apps out there. So in this series, we highlight our favorite apps on every platform, whether it's for your phone, your tablet, your laptop, or any other device.

If Medium had an iPad app, it might look a lot like this. Storehouse, an app built by former employees of Apple, Facebook, and The Daily, is great for telling stories and for reading them. Early adopters are using it to create beautiful visual narratives that layer crisp typography, full-bleed photos, looping video clips, and background music into something that’s unusually immersive.

Storehouse will suggest popular stories for you to read, but you can also follow individual storytellers to ensure you don’t miss their creations. And you can create stories yourself, using the app’s own elegant creation tools. At their best, Storehouse stories feel like portals into faraway places: a school for poor children in Haiti; a snowy landscape in Norway; a series of graffitied alleyways in Rapid City, South Dakota. It’s the rare app you open just to see where it takes you.

Download it here for free for iOS.

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