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A third season of 'House of Cards' is coming to Netflix

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House of Cards stock (credit Netflix in post)
House of Cards stock (credit Netflix in post)

Netflix has renewed House of Cards for a third season, according to Deadline. The company originally committed to two seasons of the Kevin Spacey political drama, investing over $100 million in the project. That gamble paid off, as House of Cards instantly became a hit with its customers and also proved to be a critical darling. The show has already won three Emmy awards, and actress Robin Wright earned a Golden Globe for her performance in season one.

More importantly, it established Netflix as a force to be reckoned with; Amazon, Hulu, and other companies are still trying to match that success. The original BBC miniseries that inspired Netflix's adaptation ran as a trilogy, each containing four hour-long parts. Season two of House of Cards will be available for streaming starting February 14th.

Update: This article originally said that House of Cards on the BBC ran for only four hour-long episodes. In its entirety, the show was split into three parts, each featuring four episodes.