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Free-to-play mech shooter 'Hawken' is coming to Steam

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Fast paced mech shooter Hawken has been in open beta since 2012, and soon the free-to-play game will be making its way to Steam. Developer Adhesive Games made the announcement today, in an attempt to "introduce Hawken to a brand new audience." However, for current players this will mean some changes to the multiplayer experience — most notably that a Steam account will be required to play the game from now on.

New account creation has been disabled for the time being, and the developer will spend the next week transitioning current players to the Steam version, before opening it up to everyone else later this month. "The reason we're approaching our release in this manner is so we can slowly ramp up to a full Steam launch," the company explains. Now we just have to wait for the consumer version of Oculus Rift to experience Hawken the way it was meant to be played.